Our Services

Enterprise Architecture


Understand customer's business while still being able to delve into nitty-gritty technology issues to align business objectives with the IT infrastructure that supports those goals.

We thrive in building best enterprise infrastructure to our customers by bringing their strategy, processes, data, and information technology assets to work with right stakeholders, leadership team and subject matter experts. Our knowledgeable staff will align your business and IT to the best industry level possible by documenting with all possible architectural alternative by serving your current and future needs without compromising efficiency, sustainability, agility and adaptability.

Data Modeling


Experts in design, develop and maintain robust enterprise level applications in XML, SXLT, Schematron areas.

Design and develop enterprise level complex business components using XML, Office Open XML, XML Authoring Tools and integration with Java, and .NET technologies. Design, develop and Implement web services. Hands-on knowledge in working with Content Management Tools and various XML based repository tools. Proven track record of data modeling and UML methodologies.

UI & Web Development


Broad spectrum of computer language and environment aware developmental experience to support next generation web technologies.

Building a static website to an enterprise multi divisional portal site our team has proven knowledge and expertise with broad exposure to industry leading technologies like J2EE, .Net, Web services. Our team has extensive experience in developing User Interfaces (UI) from desktop to web-based technologies. Developed and deployed complex UI modules seamlessly into existing processes.

Workflow & Process Integration


Design and develop highly customizable workflow processes and adhoc pluggable modules to integrate with existing workflow engines.

Our staff has deep understanding and knowledge in variety of specialized workflow software products which gives businesses an increased flexibility. By tracking processes with software and inputting various alternative scenarios, the company can more easily determine viable options for improvement. In addition, the software can be used to examine one small component of workflow or workflow at the company-wide level. This is particularly helpful to large businesses that may have several processes or offices spread throughout the country or the world.

Production Support


Ability to troubleshoot issues and proactive problem-solving skills and effective co-ordination with all the support groups, systems, and sub-systems.

Manage your production assets more intelligently with the help of balanced integration of COTS products with legacy software modules. Excelled in developing in-house reporting and tracking end-to-end production process integrated software frameworks. Promotes reusability and extendibility with performance and cost saving benefits to customers.

Data Migration


Instrumental in designing and developing optimal data migration plans with automated validation and sampling selection for manual confirmation stages. Staged approach in data conversion for easy and manageable incremental process. Hands-on experience in relational spatial data, XML data from various proprietary formats migration.